Getting Started

Get a Check-up

Lesson 4

​I know that for many people watching through these videos right now, the idea of getting a check-up seems difficult.  You might be ​feeling surges of adrenaline and ​experiencing a lot of fear just ​at the idea of going to ​the doctor's office.  Or you might have had difficult experiences with your doctor in the past, such as having your symptoms belittled, minimized or brushed-off.  ​Perhaps it is that every time you go, you feel you are offered prescriptions to help with your experience and you don't know what to do. Regardless of your present reservations, it is true to say that, for some people, anxiety symptoms are actually symptoms of other physical ailments.  It is important to differentiate in order that you can move forward most effectively.  And, if a physical cause for your symptoms ​is found, the proper treatment will be most beneficial, even if the AMC would still offer you value.

So, I heartily encourage you to get a check-up.  Share with your physician how you are feeling.  I​f you don't feel like your Dr. is listening with compassion or understanding, or feel unheard, find another Dr. that you feel confident sharing your symptoms with.  Just ​as ​with any skill, there are some Dr's who are better at listening and helping with anxiety than others.  If you're not feeling the connection, don't ignore that, look for another Dr. where you can be more open and this person will ​likely be able to help you more effectively.


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