Getting Started

The Anxiety Prayer

Lesson 2

Today is your first day and what I'm hoping is that you will find some immediate comfort in the Anxiety Prayer; this is a prayer I wrote as a way to help me seat myself in the experience of anxiety and provide a framework for how anxiety is here to help only, and not to harm.

Before moving forward, I invite you to listen.

The Anxiety Prayer will be a part of your days moving forward.  It provides a context for the work ahead.  It reminds you that you are in this for a purpose and that purpose has value even when each day itself can feel so overwhelming, difficult and exhausting.

​You can visit my website Anxiety Prayer as well in order to download some wallpapers​ to keep an abridged version on your desktop as well.  I created the wallpapers in a variety of sizes to match a wide range of desktop resolutions.

Here is the link:  Anxiety Prayer.  It is my hope that the prayer brings you some comfort and peace of mind.  

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