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This is the introduction to the always free 6 Week Anxiety Master Class, designed to help you explore your anxiety, understand more deeply why you are experiencing physical sensations associated with anxiety, and find purpose in something that you may have never believed had purpose before. You are not a victim of bad luck; you are gifted with a sensitivity to help you grow and evolve. Join me on the journey!

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Exploring Emotions

This section introduces some of the concepts we'll be using to help with your emotions during the 6 weeks of exercises.

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Anxiety and Symptoms

What is anxiety and what are anxiety symptoms?  Let's get into the nitty-gritty of the myriad of ways your pent-up emotional energy expresses itself now that it's got the chance.

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Anxiety Resources

Please find a wealth of anxiety resources listed here!  Additionally, if you have any suggestions for what I can add to this section, please let me know and I will look at it for inclusion.  Please note I do not endorse any of the materials you may find in this section; these are included in order to help you more fully on the anxiety journey.

Anxiety Acute Help

If you are feeling intense anxiety right now and need some support, there are lessons, videos and other helpful materials here.  You are not alone. Find ideas that may ease your anxiety quickly, now and into the future.

AMC Week 1

Let's begin our journey.  I realize you might feel that even getting out of bed is fraught with struggle and difficult to face.  Yet we will just begin where we find ourselves, yes?  So you will begin wherever you might find yourself today.  Let's get started.

AMC Week 2

We're going to start paying attention to what's in front of us this week.  Spending some time looking from the inside to the outside.  Anxiety symptoms can be so attention-grabbing after all, can't they?  You'll draw some focus off of a continual scanning and examination of your body.

AMC Week 3

Looking ahead.

AMC Week 4

The big picture that's out there, the magic.

AMC Week 5

Take a little trip into the big out there.

AMC Week 6

We're in this together ..

What Comes Next

What comes next in the journey with anxiety!

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