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Anxiety and Symptoms

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What is anxiety and what are anxiety symptoms?  Let's get into the nitty-gritty of the myriad of ways your pent-up emotional energy expresses itself now that it's got the chance.

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What is Anxiety?

What exactly is this thing called anxiety?  More than just a feeling, I think of anxiety as a state of being. It's a constellation of suppressed energy often with varied origin points.  You can identify other states easily, such as when you feel happy or feel nervous.  Anxiety is harder to define.  Let's talk a bit more about anxiety and what might lead to this state.

Anxiety, Expanded

Expanding on the "What Is Anxiety?" video, explore more deeply into some of my thoughts on how anxiety makes sense to have the intensity is does.  (And yes, I use the word "intensity" A LOT! ;)

The Great Anxiety “What If”..

You can be faced with an acute anxiety experience and understanding what's going on with your physical symptoms can go a long way to helping you get comfortable with the intensity of that space. But when you start to fear the intensity itself, it can lead to longer term anxiety experiences.

Having a Hard Time Relaxing

In no particular order, let's go through some anxiety symptoms that many people identify as belonging to an anxiety state. You might feel like you can never really "relax" anymore and this becomes a source of concern and added stress.

Heart Sensations

Heart palpitations and Premature Ventricular Contractions are commonly described symptoms of anxiety, both acute and chronic.  You can learn more about what these feel like in this lesson.

Nervous Stomach Sensation

As one of the most innervated areas of the body, it makes sense that if you're experiencing anxiety you might describe a wealth of physical sensations related to the stomach and bowel area.

Throat Sensations

In my last intense anxiety experience, I felt this "lumpy in the throat" feeling nearly all of the time.  It was an extremely disconcerting sensation, but like all physical manifestations of anxiety, shared by many and logical when considered along with how sensitized the entire body can be.

Head and Scalp Sensations

Do you have a tingly scalp or band around the head sensation that won't let up? One that gets worse when you feel acute frustration or stress? Anxiety symptom? Yes it sure can be!

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