Exploring Emotions

Exploring Emotions

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​Explore the ideas of how emotions begin, as physiological states in the body, and then how we feel about those states leads us to define and interpret th​ose feelings.  Emotions always originate in the body before we ever realize or know what we "feel" about those feelings.

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What Are Emotions?

Integral to understanding anxiety is understanding our emotions.  This video explores the mysterious question of what these things we call emotions might actually be and why we feel them.

The Paradox of Emotions

Your emotions are for you and about you and exist inside of you but that's not the only place they are.  Explore this interesting duality and keep it in mind in future lessons.

Emotional Guideline #1

Your emotions are about you.  No matter what helped your emotions originate, Guideline #1 helps you take ownership with awareness that your emotions are about you.  Your emotions are for you, arise in you, resolve in you and by extension and on examination, have purpose for you.

Emotional Guildeline #2

Your emotions exist for a purpose.  Think on this for a sec - if you believe life has a purpose, then by logical extension, emotions have a purpose too.  They have to or else the logic does not hold.  Yet, so often you brush aside your emotions, suppress your emotions, stigmatize your emotions, complain about your emotions and so much more.  So, if your emotions have a purpose, that makes them pretty amazing tools to work with in your life.

Emotional Guideline #3

There are no bad emotions.  Maybe you already believe that intellectually, but are you secretly favoring the good ones, rewarding them, and punishing the bad ones, not letting them be heard?  Just like jelly bean flavours, you probably have your favorites.  But unlike jelly beans, we don't just get to pick and choose at will.

Emotional Guideline #4

Emotions start off inside of us but spread in a viral manner in groups both large and small.  This can work to our favour when the emotions are welcome but when unwelcome, what we think of as the origin point is also avoided along with that emotional state.  What is one to do when faced with this conundrum?

Emotional Guideline #5

Guideline #5 is that our emotions desire resolution.  What does that mean?  It meas that, when we follow Guideline #2 (believing that emotions have purpose and that purpose is for our personal growth) emotions serve to bring us to a state where they have fulfilled a purpose and thus resolve.  They "move on".  We "move on".  Learn more..

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