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I'm glad you're here .  My name is Irene and I am excited you are about to embark on this journey.  It's a journey I too am well-familiar with and although it has not been easy, it has been rewarding beyond measure.  That said, it is easier for me to say that looking at things from my vantage point today.  ​However, there are still days where I am overwhelmed with fear, days where anxiety appears from seemingly nowhere, and days where I wish I did not live an anxiety experience as part of my journey.  ​Even with great progress, this isn't a magical ​undertaking where you never feel anxiety again. You're human and you're going to  feel and in that there will be opportunities for growth that last a lifetime. ​​You've probably never heard anyone say this before, but to me anxiety is ​this ​special nurturing ​s​pace where ​growth can happen, and it's a space to be grateful for​.​​!

You might feel as though expressing gratitude for anxiety is unexpected, but I'm so grateful that you're here to figure out why anxiety is part of your incredible journey too. ​ And since this journey from a place of pain often yields such joy, it's worth ​opening your heart to the idea of being ​comfortable, even perhaps grateful, that your wiring has allowed you th​is immense privilege of feeling so deeply.  

What Comes Next?

The  Anxiety Master Class is organized into several sections .  The first section here is an introduction to the course, to your support options and to the private ​support group. Next, Section ​2 explores the ideas of anxiety, emotions, symptoms and personal experience.  ​All subsequent sections are setup ​weekly, Weeks 1 through 6, into the day-to-day of the Anxiety Master Class lessons.  Every day you will have a short series of steps to take in order to help reveal what's in this journey for you. These steps will seems simple but within that is the potential for great power.  

Each day you'll spend roughly 20 - 30 minutes taking time on the journey, and once a week we'll do an inventory of where you're at and take a little more time in deeper reflection .

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to join the weekly group calls and participate to your comfort. ​

So, as much as you are able today, let's look at this experience as occurring from a place of supportive design and purpose rather than some cruel practical joke of the universe .  In my opinion, the intention of the universe is not to break you but to shape you, to help refine you to provide contribution.  To bear this experience is not to saddle you with a weight you can't handle but to build you up, strengthen your "muscles", even as the process feels heavy at times.  Certainly there are times too that you might feel stripped bare, struggling since there's nowhere to hide, where you might feel as though there is nothing to lean on.  You might be feeling rather alone.  You're not alone.  You are surrounded by people who have walked and are walking a similar path.  Let's walk together.  

This is your special time; this is when you are ready to grow.  Let's see what fruits are being cultivated in you.

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Course Structure

Welcome To AMC

This introduction will help you know what to anticipate in the coming weeks and provide context to the lessons and the course creator.

The Anxiety Prayer

The Anxiety Prayer is a prayer I wrote in about 20 minutes, 9 years after I bought the domain name.  (That's a long time for something to be baking in the creative oven!) It seemed that the words didn't really surface though until they were ready, and once I sat down and took a moment with pen in hand to create something, the words simply flowed in that moment.  I hope it brings you comfort, and peace, and the knowledge that you are not alone. 

What AMC Is and Is Not

This lesson is to help frame what the Anxiety Master Class IS and IS NOT.  The AMC is a guide to potentially help you within the anxiety experience.  The AMC is not therapy, not a replacement for medical advice or 100% guaranteed to help you.  Please keep this in mind when using my guide or the advice of anyone else who claims to have some "secret" to "cure" your anxiety

(P.S. there is no "secret").

Get a Check-up

Are you an anxiety recruit or an anxiety veteran?  Regardless of how long you've had symptoms, a check-up from your family Dr is always good practice.   There are occasionally physical ailments that mimic anxiety symptoms so it's best to get those diagnosed and get the proper treatment if that's relevant for you. 

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